Moderna’s Insider Trading During the Pandemic, so far!

Moderna (MRNA) insiders are busy selling their stock while promoting a promising vaccine

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Until May, it was a little-known biotech company. In just a few months, since it became a significant player in the hunt for a Covid-19 vaccine, Moderna has become a familiar stock to most traders across the market. Its vaccine candidate, mRNA-1273, and its CEO, Stephane Bancel are now relatively well known.

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What the hell just happened?

In the early hours of 24 June 2016, under cover of Brexit, an even bigger event took place and, as planned, everyone missed it.


Last night, I watched my nation vote to leave the European Union. Leaving will take many years, and it will have many far-reaching and unforeseeable consequences for millions of people who have no control whatsoever over the outcomes as they unfold in the years to come. However, for some people, Brexit was a perfect smokescreen. The real story is not Brexit.

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